The story about Kismet


Back when I was a little baby, my parents went to India to meditate with their spiritual teacher. Later on I have become a great fan of the same meditation and work passionately as a trainer in Heartfulness meditation. The spiritual teacher told my parents to name me Kismet, which means destiny. Still this day today I consider taking the name as a middlename. My parents didn’t find the name fit for western culture back in the 70’ies when I was born – they were afraid I might be teased with “Kiss me”. Which I kind of find would have been cute… but anyway.


10 years ago when I had small babies of my own, I was already planning to one day have my own fashion brand for children. I made a little collection of quilted jackets and called the brand “Kismet”. I sold them all but it was not yet in my destiny to have my own business, so the project was put on stand by. However the jackets were amazing and made in hand block printed cotton, really beautiful.





My favourite style this season is the Kismet jacket not only because of these stories but because it somehow captures very simply what Pierrot la Lune is for me. I want my brand to radiate something genuine and I want the fabrics to tell the story of old craftsmanship and the styles to look like something my grandmother would have created for me when I was a child. Her being a fashion designer and educated as a tailor in Illum in Copenhagen, the quality would be so outstanding that all her designs are still in use either in my wardrobe or in my cousin or sisters. One of her creations is exhibited in The Design Museum in Copenhagen and whenever I am there, I go to send her some love and gratitude for all the inspiration she has given me through the years.



Kismet jacket comes in two prints this season, the terracotta ikat print and the chocolate black flower print. Both of them tells the story of ancient craftsmanship, ikat being the most beautiful weaving style I know and so appreciate and the black flowers being made from an old hand block print I found in Rajasthan North of India. The jacket is quiltet with a soft padding inside giving a sweet retro look. It has front button fastening with cute coco buttons.



With love

Emilie Ventujol
Designer and owner


October 11, 2018


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