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Mette Skov and her boyfriend Claus lives in Skælskør, Denmark, with their two daughters, Alma (6) and Liva (4). As she describes it herself, Mette is a visual merchandizer by day and weaver by night. Hence the name of her popular instagram account @weaverbynight. Here we have asked her a few questions about her life and creative work.


I’ve read that you live in the countryside close to both beach and forest. What does living surrounded by nature mean to you? 

 The forest and the beach was the whole reason why we gave up our city apartment and bought an old farm house. We wanted nature to be a natural part of our everyday life, and our girls’ upbringing. The forest and the beach is some of the best playgrounds for kids and adult. When we moved to the countryside, one of the first things we did was to plant a small forest on a piece of our land. Now, 8 years later, the trees are more than 5 meters up in the air. We also built a shelter in the woods, where we enjoy making bonfires and having family sleep-overs in the weekend. 

To sum it up nature is where we’re together; we play, laugh and tell stories. I fell grateful to live in a part of the world where we get to see the weather change, and enjoy the best of nature in every season. 



When did you begin working with fiber art and what inspired you to do so? 

It all started at the end of my maternity leave with our youngest daughter in 2014. I was fed up with our everyday routines and was seeking some creative inputs. Up until then I had done some art painting, but I was looking for something new to ease my fingers and challenge my brain. Instagram has been my main source of inspiration for many years, and it was also there I started to see the fiber art trend take off. I immediately loved the ideas of creating art for my own, ever changing, wall decor. I’ve always loved interior decor, and with my degree in visual merchandising, this seemed like a natural next step. First thing was to buy a loom and google how to get started – and from there it was just trying out ideas towards finding my own style. 



Has weaving your own wall decor changed how you feel about quality? 

For sure – my first sales were nerve wracking and I was so excited that my art was going to hang in a strangers home – and the fact that someone would pay for my work was kind of intimidating. That made me do my very best and choose my materials carefully – the thought of making someone smile and feel happy with their piece is a big part of my drive. I do my best not to be a big part of the whole ”buy and throw away” culture, I rather buy quality over quantity – and I of cause want the same for my customers. That doesn’t mean that it needs to be more expensive, in most cases it just means that I buy things, that I know I will keep loving and will last for years. After I started creating and selling, it opened my eyes to the world of small businesses and the fact that if you support small, you help someone live out their dream.  It’s true when they say that buying from a small business makes the owner do a happy dance – but it should make the customer dance as well.



Do you work creatively with your girls? 

Yes, absolutely – they are getting to an age now, where they can easily do crafts on their own, and I try to inspire them to create and use their imagination – in whatever way they fell like. We also talk a lot about not giving up and the fact that you’ll have to practice to get better. I recently bought them both a kid’s loom, so our winter project will be for them to make their own woven wall-hanging for their rooms. 


You inspire them to create, but do they inspire you when creating as well? What else inspires you?

They sure do – I love to watch their imagination unfold and to hear them create stories while drawing or painting – every picture has a long story behind it. I kind of work the same way – I never sketch or draw patterns before I begin – I usually choose a color scheme and see where it leads me. Nature inspires me a lot; I’m a big fan of earth tones and organic shapes – usually with a bit of contrast in form of a few geometric lines or pastel colors.

Besides that I usually find my inspiration on Instagram, it’s a great tool to search and discover ideas, and to interact with the creators. 


Maybe you could recommend some instagram accounts that inspires you?

Of course. I’m inspired by profiles such as @copenhagenwilderness@dianaaud@woodlandwhim and @cathdelichtenberg.



November 2, 2018


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