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Cécile and Mathias Poussel live in the east of France with their two children Jeanne (8) and Louis (10), whom you might recognize as two of the prominent models for the AW18 collection. Jeanne and Louis have modeled quite a few campaigns for Pierrot la Lune, starting with SS16. Here we’ve asked Cécile a few questions about what it’s like to work with Pierrot la Lune.


How do you know about Pierrot la Lune?

I’ve known Pierrot la Lune for four years thanks to Instagram. I had bought a columbine collar for my daughter Jeanne, that looked so good on her. I posted the picture on my Instagram account and Emilie contacted me to see if I would be interested in my children doing some photos for a future Pierrot la Lune collection.



Had Louis and Jeanne tried modeling before?

No, our kids had never done modeling before Emilie suggested it to us.


Why did you choose to accept Emilie’s invitation?

Before accepting, we hesitated because we wanted it to be a pleasant moment for our children as well as for us. We loved the spirit of the Pierrot la Lune brand but we did not know the world of fashion and had some fears. Emilie reassured us by telling us that her brother Rasmus would be the photographer – that he’s used to photographing children and that the spirit of this shoot was to have a good time with the family, without any obligation or pressure. This is exactly how the shooting took place: a beautiful day in Barbizon where the children played more than really “posed”. At the end of the day, our children even told us: “Is it over?”



So Louis and Jeanne enjoyed the experience?

The best answer to this question is to say that since this first shooting, our children has participated in many other Pierrot la Lune shootings. Emilie and Rasmus are adorable with the children and immediately makes Louis and Jeanne feel at home. Shooting sessions are therefore very easy and natural, interspersed with moments of exchange and games with children. Emilie and Rasmus know how to find the words for the children to be photographed as if nothing has happened. And at the end of the day, we leave with beautiful family photos.

Louis and Jeanne immediately took to the game of these shootings. They are rather flattered and find it funny to take pictures with Emilie’s Pierrot la Lune clothes.



What are Louis and Jeanne’s relationship to clothes? Do they have strong opinion about what they wear?

Louis and Jeanne are sporty children (they do fencing and skiing) and very alive. They like above all practical clothes. Jeanne is a little more coquettish and likes to choose herself the accessories of her outfits; barrettes, small bags etc.


It sounds like Pierrot la Lune is a good match for them! Maybe they can recommend their favorites from the AW18 collection?

Jeanne loved the color ash rose, especially the Angelic dress and of course the Jeanne dress in velour. For Louis the favorite was the Kismet black flower quiltet jacket.



December 6, 2018


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