Cover kids pt. 2

Mette lives in Aarhus, Denmark, with her two children Lior (5) and Coco (3). Both children models but only Lior has participated in a Pierrot la Lune photoshoot. You can find him in the AW18 campaign as pictured above (Lior is on the left). Here we ask Mette a few questions about what modeling is like for Lior and Coco.


First I’d like to know how it all started? When did Lior and Coco begin modeling?

Both children were spotted on the street. That is, Lior was spotted on the street and Coco in a public swimming pool. Lior was 3 or 4 when it happened and Coco not even 1 year old. Now Coco is in a modeling agency and is offered jobs, whereas with Lior we just apply when we notice a call for models. He really likes it though so I’m considering an agency for him as well.


So that’s what happened with Pierrot la Lune?

Yes, exactly. Emilie made a call for models on Pierrot la Lunes instagram and Lior fit the criteria so we sent her some pictures.


How did you know about Pierrot la Lune?

I’m not really sure? I probably just came across the brand on instagram. I do know that I fell head over heels on love with the design. It’s so beautiful. A lot of designer clothes for children looks like it’s made for tiny adults. I like that Pierrot la Lunes clothes are stylish but still look like they’re made for kids.



What is modeling like for Lior and Coco?

I think they see it as playing even though they’re being told what to do. Where to stand, which way to turn etc. They think it’s fun. Maybe part of it is that they like being included. Being part of something together with the adults. Especially Coco likes to cook with me and I think it’s somewhat similar. Being part of work or daily rituals can be really enriching for children.


Do they see it as something like an after school activity?

It’s doesn’t really happen often enough to be a hobby like that. It’s more of a special occasion. We try to make the whole day a family trip. If it’s summer we might go get ice-cream afterwards, or go to the beach.


How is shooting with Pierrot la Lune compared to other photoshoots you’ve done?

Shooting with smaller companies is so much different than shooting with the larger ones . You get to be in contact with the designer and can feel their passion. It can be a bit more intense as well, as there’s more focus on the details.


Do Lior and Coco like clothes? Do they have a sense of style?

Actually I prefer to choose the clothes for my children. I don’t think the question of what to wear should take up space in our children’s lives. It can be quite stressfull for them to have to choose. When I lay their clothes out for them without questions like “do you wan’t to wear this?” or “do you think this looks nice?” they just put them on. Of course they have tastes. It’s easy to see if there’s something they like and I try to accommodate that. 


February 14, 2019


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