Sustainable and timeless fashion


In Pierrot la Lune we have a vision. And that is to be sustainable in all aspects of our work. Sustainable means a lot to me, it means first and foremost to not over produce and not to pollute the planet we so kindly are invited to live on while being here on earth. I want to do my very best in all matters and to tell you the truth, its pretty difficult in a world where giant manufacturers are claiming to work with sustainable cotton (whatever that means) without having certificates to proof they actually do work with sustainable cotton. Why would the big players not flash their certificates if they had them? I would.

To be GOTS certified is expensive and it probably is the only way to control the brands so far. To flash the green logo you need to be certified yourself as a brand and that is not only costly but it is extremely demanding in terms of administration as you need to make rapports and keep track of each style at all given time until it ends up with end consumer. Imagine the amount of time we would have to use for this! Time we need to invest in new designs, Social Media and so on. Being a small company this would probably kill us which means we would never get to the point of actually having the ressources to become bigger and really make a difference in the second most polluting industry in our world.

The reason for us not flashing the green GOTS logo is this. We are not certified yet but our suppliers are! Which means our cotton is without harmful chemicals and the workers who has touched all Pierrot la Lunes styles have worked under controlled and good conditions. If we were only selling directly to end consumer we would be allowed to flash the logo but as we are also supplying wholesale, different rules applies. We are only allowed to write "made in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton" on our hang tags so far but the product is as good as if we were also allowed to flash the green logo.

We strongly suggest you as a consumer to take these things into account when you consume. And we hope more and more people will begin to understand that less consumption should go hand in hand with thoughtful consumption. Buy things that lasts many seasons. Pay that little extra money for it and avoid to buy all the unnecessary things that you dont need anyway. This might seem totally crazy as a fashion company to say this but really it is our vision. Buy less and buy good. Think about the future.

With love - Emilie / designer and owner


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Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset