Meditation means to feel


You might think this has nothing to do with children fashion but for me it has everything to do with children fashion. I meditate every day and has done so for more than 22 years. Meditation is not a choice for me, its not a luxury or a self treat. Its a need such as eating, cleaning my body and going to the toilet. I. cant. live. without.

Why? Because meditation makes me feel more and think less. It puts me in contact with my heart and my intuition. It cultivates my ability to make choices fast and clear which is crucial running my own business in a very competitive industry such as fashion. These are all valid and good reasons but not the deepest reason. The deepest and most real reason is because my soul came here in order to find clarity. Whenever I face trouble, and trust me I face a lot of obstacles being and entrepreneur with two small kids at home, I use meditation to get back into a state of clarity.

So why does children fashion have anything to do with meditation for me? because children fashion is where I live out my full potential for some reason. Its where I feel my flowers bloom and my true self coming into action. And the more I meditate the less I think. I just do what has to be done. It cultivates emotional management which is an important factor in all matters in life if you want to succeed. To succeed as a mother, a sister, a parent, a designer, a school teacher or whatever. You need emotional management as I see it. And I doubt if you can find a better tool than meditation for this.

I have a spiritual Master. It might sound very mystical in some ears but really its nothing but a very talented meditator who has dedicated his entire being to helping people to walk the steps he has done himself in order to become a talented meditator and Master their own inner being. I go and visit him in India sometimes and we meditate thousands of people together. Its great and I always combine my production trips with a meditation retreat when I am there.


My teachers name is Kamlesh Patel, also friendly known as Daaji (read his blog right here) and on January 2-3-4 he is going to do online FREE intro courses for you to join. Yes you read correct, its FREE OF CHARGE. This is possible because you have thousands of people worldwide working non profit for the Heartfulness movement. Just like I teach meditation free of charge in my spare time, you have so many volunteers working for this Non Governmental organisation all over the world.

Well if I was you... I would try this out  Sign up for the event right here and who knows... Maybe you become a talented meditator yourself. No doubt you will be able to release stress, feel more clarity and focus and get a new insight to what you truly possess in your heart. Close your eyes and wake up and enjoy it. Make 2017 become the year where you get so much clarity in your mind that only clear circumstances can manifest in your world. It all sounds so fancy but really its quite simple and so very gentle.

Lots of love from Emilie / designer and owner