Alva at home

A very pretty and poetic little girl. Her name is Alva and her mother has a great sense of aesthetics. 


She spends the days at home wearing our daytime pajamas, Lee pants and Liam shirt in grey woven amazing fabrics. 

I fell in love with Alva first time I saw her on Instagram, and her picture all dressed up as Frida Kahlo is the best performing picture in our feed. Everyone loves her. 


A picture says more than a thousand of words, however I have to say that the softness of this daytime pajamas matches Alvas soft eyes so well. 




She even wears it outside, because really its a summer set, we just think its amazing as daytime pajamas as well now when home all the time. 







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Follow Alvas mom Danialla here on instagram. 


All the best - Emilie / Creative director and Founder